September 15, 2022

Some Basics About HIV-Hepatitis B Co-Infection

HIV and Hepatitis B share similar routes of transmission. In United States, a large cohort study of patients with HIV showed that over 10 % of men who had sex with men, over 8% of those who injected drugs and over 5% of heterosexual individuals with risk factors tested positive for HBsAg or detectable HBV DNA. Because of the shared transmission routes, there is an increased risk of HIV and HBV co-infection. Despite the advancement of ART, that has a very efficient suppression rate of the HIV and HBV replication, morbidity and mortality rates are still higher in patients with HIV-HBV co-infection. In this episode, Dr. Steven Fine, an infectious disease specialist affiliated with the University of Rochester and Anthony Jordan Health Center, speaks about the management of Hepatitis B in patients with HIV.

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